Did you know ...less than 10% of babies have a traditional christening in church these days but there is a lovely alternative way to welcome your baby or child into the world and to your family and circle of friends. Whether it is to celebrate the birth of your child or to mark the inclusion of an adopted or step child, a naming ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to honour your baby or child in the presence of those who love them most.

A baby naming ceremony gives you the chance to make promises, express wishes for your child's future happiness and to thank friends and family for their support. You might choose to appoint 'Supporting Adults' 'Godparents' 'Guardians' or 'Mentors' who could use this opportunity to pledge their love and support for your child's well-being, confirm their role and declare their special relationship with your little one(s).

Christina will guide you through various options and together you can create a joyous occasion that’s fitting for your specific circumstances. It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish with music, readings and symbolic rituals using sand, water, balloons, bubbles, gem stones or crystals.  A commemorative certificate is presented at the end of the ceremony as a memento, signed by the parent(s) and supporting adults.