You have fallen in love with a venue but there is no registrar available on the dates you've chosen!

You want your wedding to take place somewhere that is special to you but it doesn't have a license!

You are disillusioned with run-of-the-mill civil ceremonies and want something more personal with sentiment and sparkle!

Don't worry, the legal proceedings can be conducted separately from the ceremony and we can deliver the wedding you've always dreamed of .


THE Legal stuff

Only the 'declaratory' and 'contracting' words of a wedding need to be performed in front of a registrar and two witnesses in order for your marriage to be recognised in law and for you to be issued with a certificate. This takes literally a few minutes. The rest of the ceremony (including the exchange of rings and vows, readings and music) is purely symbolic and can take place anywhere and at any time. More and more couples nowadays are choosing to get the formalities completed earlier in the day or a few days beforehand in order to have the kind of ceremony they really want by working with an independent celebrant.

But I want it to feel 'real'!

Some couples are concerned that if they have already done the legal bit before the ceremony, it won't feel right somehow. But births and deaths are always registered for legal purposes before funerals and christenings or naming ceremonies so it really isn't any different.  Rest assured your ceremony certainly won't feel anything other than the 'real thing', except so much more personal and special. We can use traditional wedding scripts throughout or custom build them, whichever you prefer. You can even sign a certificate during the ceremony if you wish. Your guests will never know unless you choose to tell them!

What's more....

There are some beautiful symbolic and spiritual traditions that can be incorporated into your ceremony such as unity candles, ring warming, sand, water or wine ceremonies, hand fasting, jumping the broom, tree planting etc. Any of this is possible. We can design it together so that you have the wedding you really want.